Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Anals - Total Anal

Figured since the Tour, excuse me, le' Tour is winding up, and all you French fux are finally recovering from Bastille day, it would be a good time to post this fine little set of ditties from The Anals.

See this one written about elsewhere, but don't see where you scumbags can grab it, so go fuck yourselves with this high quality vinyl rip.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pet Peeves, Entertaining Athiests, and the Damaged Bedroom Wizardry of Fastest

One of my biggest pet peeves is people who think that just because they are emailing or texting there's no reason to punctuate the end of their sentences.  This annoys me even more than people who use lower case for everything.   I'm telling you, this stuff really gets on my tits. What I want to know is where and when did this most annoying and unprecedented semantic disaster of a trend begin? 

Think about it, the difference between a period and an exclamation mark can make all the freaking difference in tone and perception, and in this tenuous day and age, that loss of inflection could very well be the straw that brakes the camel's back and destroys the world; a sort of linguistic butterfly affect that could send us into the nuclear winter we thought we missed die to the headline grabbing climate change and economic meltdowns. Just envision what kind of absolute crazy shit could have happened if Clinton called an inebriated Yeltsin and hung up without saying bye.  srsly 

So, as a protest to all those who don't punctuate the end of sentences in texts or emails, and as a salute to people all over the world who make asses of themselves in the name of all the things that really matter (things like world hunger, economic collapse, religious wars, stem-cell disasters, strip mall sprawl, reasonable jury decisions gone wrong and pro sports lockouts) I am vowing to write in run on sentences for the entire weekend.

. . . A few beers later and trying to figure out what I have ran across lately that would consummately sum up how I'm feeling today and none other than the 20th centuries answer to Jandek with its new-wave of sinister pop-princess bent over in the bedroom obscurity and post Ariel Pink landscape ambiguity and mystery and possible portal to the next sphere of underground shame or significance and I can't quite get a grip on the genius of this one but it fucking works despite itself but why nobody knows and sometimes you should just enjoy it for what it is an not over think the shit you know what I mean 

Fastest - Theme.