Friday, March 27, 2009

Herds | Spring b/w Katmai | Self-titled 7"

Brutality meets finesse and fist fucks its way into a frenzy. Awesome change-ups, mosh-pit aggression, and tight guitar switchbacks make this some of the best hardcore I've heard in years. You can tell when a band has control of the chaos, and these guys have ultimate control. The instrumentation is tight; the vocals mean and tested.

In a way, you're heard it all before, but what haven't you heard before? There's nothing wrong with perfecting a true and tested style, and Herds perfect the shit out of hardcore. While there's so many new sounds being explored these days, and while some could argue hardcore ran it's course many years ago, it pays to keep to the basics and not judge a record by its genre. Ultimate punk goodness for friends of SSD, B'last, the Effigies, Die Kreuzen, and Negative Approach.

Buy the ST 7" at Fashionable Idiots.

Grab the sold out Spring b/w Katmai 7" here.

I personally think the ST is the better of the two, and it's only $4. So if you still appreciate the good shit grab it while you can.

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