Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Post Alarmist Dracula Safai

Post Alarmist droogs getting it back on. Featuring Inca Ore, Ghost to Falco, Tunnels and Argumentix. Alarmist existed from 2004-2005, and you may ask yourself what makes them so goddamn important that they get a tribute album? Who the hell knows the answer to that, but I do know this is one kick-ass comp. A quick look at the RYM ratings (all two of them) for Alarmist's Evil Works Get Rich or Try Dying Evil Works album gets a whopping 1.20 rating. WTF do RYMer's know! Anyway, this is good stuff so here's the weirdness.


envythedead said...

the four projects on this record comprise the four members of Alarmist's post-Alarmist projects. Alarmist was Eva (Inca Ore), James (Argumentix), Nick (Tunnels), and Eric (Ghost to Falco)... so the tracks on here are not covers or a tribute. glad you dig it!
if you want to hear Alarmist, someone posted the one studio album here:

freaknhell said...

Thanks for the info! And my apologies for the misrepresentation. Will get that edited.

Anonymous said...

Evil Works is one of the best Albums I've ever heard! It won't get it's due recognition until the rest of the world catches up.