Tuesday, May 25, 2010

. . . slowly crawling from the primordial ooze of life.

Fuck me. Has it almost been a year since my last post? I think I'm finally getting my shit back together, so here goes. . . Not a lot of time to write much at the moment, or maybe I'm just lazy, but here's a couple of albums that speak to me in their own way, and are well worth checking out.

Drowning in angst and attitude.

Many reflections. Many moods. Ambient drone attack.


neudeep said...

Welcome back.. I'm a new lurker but I figure I can say that, right?
I look forward to reading and downloading more of what you post, I've already had a lot of fun browsing the archives!

freaknhell said...

Thanks for the comments! I love breasts as well as folks who dig good music too hah!

neudeep said...

huh? I'll try and take that as a compliment, I guess..

Harry said...

hey, im a young philosopher and im basically still forming my ideas.
so i was wondering if you could, when i post of such, contribute your ideas to the blog?
because your profile description and some of your posts seam pretty controversial so maybe you will bring new ideas to my table :)

um thats my blog if you to wish to check it out :)

many thanks Harry